23 06 2008

To kick things off I’m going to talk a bit about the new warbeasts in the thrid installment of the Chaotic TCG, Silent Sands.  On with the Warbeasts! (At the end of each Creature i will put some ratings on Flexibility, how many different options this creature has in terms of combinations with other creatures, individuality,how well they do on their own, overall usefulness,just how awesome they are and average rating, they rough average of that creature!)

Blazvatan The Epic Warbeast

Stats ||Courage-150 ||Power-75 ||Wisdom-50|| Speed-150|| Energy- 75

This big guy here puts a whole new spin on the word huge.  With a whooping 150 Courage and Speed and 75 energy he puts the BIG 4 to shame by triumphing over Maxxor and Chaors courage, Bloots Speed and Heptadd’s four elements with his two AND his Air and Earth 5!  His only draw back?  He needs a minimum of three conjurers in order to keep his recklessness at 0. This, however is not so bad because in a 6vs6 match you usually have 2-3 muges holding your mugic counters. So overall his is a truly AMAZING creature!

 Flexibility- 6 || Individuallity- 5 || Overall Usefulness- 9.5|| Average-8

His average rating is low only because of the fact that he needs 3 conjurors to lower his recklessness damge.  Flexiblity is lower because again he needs 3 conjurors in your team.


Stats ||Courage-50||Power-75||Wisdom-20||Speed-75|| Energy-50

This is a nice warbeast. Its no Blazvatan, but still pretty big and mean. Also this may be the FIRST female warbeast, although i’m not entirely sure Uboraan is female, I’m pretty darn sure. See just has a more feminine phisique and name. Anyway on with how AWSOME she is.  She has the two warbeast elements, one nicer warbeast stat and only recklessness 15 which means she only needs two conjurors which means more room for more warbeasts! I have seen the fire and water proof 10 come in handy several times, such as when facing an overworld battleteam or an underworld battleteam, so all-in-all, she is not a bad creature to put in your army.

Flexibility-7.5|| Indivduality-6|| Overall Usefullness-8 || Average-7.5

Her Flexibilty and Individuality are again lower because of the fact she need conjourors.



Stats|| Courage- 75||Power-50||Wisdom-20||Speed-75|| Energy-60

Titanix is just plain awsome! At most 85 courage and speed, then he also lowers his opponents stats by 50! this means he could quite easily take out Lord Van Bloot, Chaor or Maxxor! Titanix like the previous Warbeasts need conjourors, about two to be exact. but this is made up for with his overall awsomeness! Titanix is also just an uncommon making him extremly easy to get.

Flexibility-6.5|| Individuallity-5||Overall Usefullnes- 8.5|| Average-6.75

Again same reasons his Flex. and Indiv. are lower.



Stats|| Courage-50||Power-75|| Widom-20||Speed-100||Energy-50

Ere is a good creature for larger scale battles, but still is good in any 3vs3 deck. Ere requires at a minimum one conjouor! Just one! Plus he comes in with Range and Swift FOUR! He could easily take out any muge on the board, messing up your opponent for the match. He comes built in with air element and high speeds, which is pretty sweet. But the cherry on top is the fact that he is a common!

Flexibility-7|| Idividuality-7||Overall Usefullness-7|| Average-7

His flex. and Idiv. are higher because he only need at least one conjouror and has only recklessnes 10!




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