23 06 2008

To kick things off I’m going to talk a bit about the new warbeasts in the thrid installment of the Chaotic TCG, Silent Sands.  On with the Warbeasts! (At the end of each Creature i will put some ratings on Flexibility, how many different options this creature has in terms of combinations with other creatures, individuality,how well they do on their own, overall usefulness,just how awesome they are and average rating, they rough average of that creature!)

Blazvatan The Epic Warbeast

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23 06 2008

  Hi my screen name is Kerberos (kerberosx here) and i made his site so that i can discuss the mipedian tribe, although i will talk about the other tribes. My screen mane comes from the latin spelling of Cerebus, who (if you did not know) was Hades guardian to the underworld. When I stated playing Chaotic I used to like the Underworld Tribe, so the name seemed fitting, but times change lol.

  My self I play a Mono-Mipedian army usually abusing the mipedians invisiblity stike with Fanfare of the Vanishing.  Although my favorite mugic would have to be Fighters Fanare, ehich basiclly redirets an attack to the opponent.  Imagine Allmaggeddon with that! What a way to make them lose!